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Hire a car and find that there are a number of theatres available for those interested in the dramatic arts. Toulouse's theatres range from the small and cosy to really big venues and theatre complexes. You will find not only the major classics but modern theatre as well. Make sure you check the listings and make prior arrangements to see the plays you are interested in. Some of the theatres are the théâtre Garonne, théâtre du Pavé and théâtre Jules-Julien. Théâtre de la Cité, the Théâtre de la Digue, the théâtre Sorano, the Théâtre du Jour and the Grenier Théâtre alternate between modern theatre and major classics, so be aware of what you want to see and make sure you make your reservations accordingly.


Théâtre Garonne
1, avenue du Château-d'Eau
Toulouse, 31300
Tel: +33 5 61 42 33 99
Since opening in 1988, the Garonne Theatre has put on a variety of shows - music, dance and drama. The theatrical repertoire includes classical plays, but concentrates mainly on contemporary works performed by European groups such as the Carlo Cecchi Company. At least four shows are put on per season. The theatre bar is a good place to meet friends before a performance.

Tickets: 100F (EUR 15.24), students' subscription 100F (EUR 15.24) for three shows, concessions 80F (EUR 12.29)
Open Hours: depends on the performance

Théâtre du Pavé
34, rue Maran
Toulouse, 31400
Tel: +33 5 62 26 43 66
Fax: +33 5 61 52 32 69
Take your hire car to Théâtre du Pavé. Its close to the student district of Rangueil, but a little far from the town centre. The Pavé Theatre shows mainly classical plays. Previous programmes have included the classical Phèdre by Racine, as well as more contemporary works by writers such as Georges Pérec. In addition, the Pavé company stages two brand new plays a year. May is dance month, when nearly all its forms are dealt with: classical, jazz and modern with electronic sound effects.

Tickets: 100F (EUR 15.24), students 70F (EUR 10.67), school children 50F (EUR 7.62)
Open Hours: box office 3-7pm Tue-Fri; performances 9pm Tue-Sat

Théâtre Jules-Julien
6, avenue des Ecoles-Jules-Julien
Toulouse, 31400
Tel: +33 5 61 25 79 92
Situated near the Paul Sabatier University, Theatre Jules-Julien handles drama, music and dance. There are regular productions by up-and-coming local theatre companies. It also offers workshops and courses in interpretation and directing for adults and children.

Tickets: adults 50F-100F (EUR 7.62-15.24), under-18s 30F-80F (EUR 4.57-12.19); members: 30F-80F (EUR 4.57-12.19), under-18s 20F-60F (EUR 3.04-9.14)
Open Hours: 9am-midday & 2-5pm Mon-Fri; performances usually start around 8.30pm

Théâtre du Jour
23bis, rue des Potiers
Toulouse, 31000
Tel: +33 5 61 62 07 64
Only 100 metres from the famous classical music venue, the Halle aux Graines, this modern theatre has a bar and exhibition hall. The programme focuses mainly on works by contemporary French and foreign writers. Student theatre groups, who are much appreciated by the audience, alternate with professional actors. It's advisable to reserve ahead by telephone (2-7pm Tue-Sat).

Tickets: 100F (EUR 15.24), concessions 50F (EUR 7.62)
Open Hours: depends on the performance

TNT - Théâtre de la Cité
1, rue Pierre-Baudis
Toulouse, 31000
Tel: +33 5 34 45 05 05
Fax: +33 5 34 45 05 25
The City Theatre, or CNT (National Theatre of Toulouse) stands on the site of the former national music conservatoire, and still has the original façade. Its repertoire ranges from classical to contemporary plays and some of its shows go on national tour. There's a small hall for accompanied children from 4 to 14 years old. Its poetry workshops are open to everyone all year round. Finally, the CNT puts on regular dance shows in collaboration with the Centre for Choreographic Development. Take advantage of a special box-office price of 50F (EUR 7.62) on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday if you buy your ticket one hour before the performance.

Tickets: subscriptions 80F (EUR 12.2), 50F (EUR 7.62) for young people and school children
Open Hours: 1-7pm Tue-Sat. Performances 7.30pm Tue-Thu; 8.30pm Fri & Sat; 4pm Sun. Closed 13/07-31/08


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