Getting around Toulouse on foot

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Leisurely Walk

Your visit starts at the Jardin des plantes, the oldest green in Toulouse. If you have time, wander through the three gardens (Grand-Rond, Jardin Royal and Jardin des plantes). Take the foot-bridges over the road and admire the palais Niel on the corner of the Place Montoulieu.

Towards the Old Districts
The Jules Guesde alleys hold an antiques fair, Brocante du Grand-Rond one weekend a month and the Saint-Michel celebrations each year in early fall. If you continue on you'll come to the Place du Salin and the Place du Parlement, where executions used to be held. Interestingly, this is also the southern part of the medieval wall and it is also an area for antique dealers. The Rue de la Dalbade is noted for its magnificent mansions and the église Notre-Dame de la Dalbade, named for the whitewash ('albade) used on the church. However, don't expect to see the whitewash today, it has since been replaced by red brick. Eventually, your tour will take you to Place de la Trinité by going through the Rue des Paradoux and the Rue du Coq-d'Inde.

Main Street
Follow the Rue de la Bourse in the heart of the city and you come to Place de la Bourse. It is here that you will find a statue which is also a fountain. You will also find Fleurée du Pastel where you can find souveniers of the blue dye, called woad, that made Toulouse merchants wealthy in the fifteenth century. You will come to the Hotel d'Assézat, built by Nocolas Bachelier for Pierre d'Assézat who made his fortune from woad. It is here that you will find the Fondation Bemberg, a private museum with a permanent collection of paintings, bronzes and ojects d'Art.

Towards the River Banks
Continue on your tour by taking the Rue Clémence where you will come to the Academy of Fine Arts and the Jardin de la Daurade. It is here that the Basilique de la Daurade overlooks the Garonne. The basilique was built on a pagan temple site and a Benedictine monastery. If you look to your left at the Garonne you will see Pont Neuf. Go up the quays and you will see Pont Saint-Pierre. Stop at one of the student cafés or the Café des Artistes. And finally, walk along the Rue Pargaminiéres, next to couvent des Jacobins; you will come to the Rue Romiguiéres which will take you into the heart of Toulouse and the Place du Capitole.


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