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Toulouse is a city that provides many cuisines for many tastes. Whether it be the many areas of France, foreign restaurants or a quick bite to eat, its all here. Hire with us and take your car to sample some of the World's great cuisine.

Firstly, you'll find tea-rooms (theTarte Julie, chez Chiche, the Autre Salon de Thé) which offer a snack for those odd times of day when you just hunger for a little something. You'll find bars and cafes in the middle of town. And if you're from the British Isles, there is the Dubliner's, Mulligan's and the Melting Pot. There are the university areas that have bars (the Bar Basque, the Pastis ô Maître) and of course there are the bars for the pulse of the nightlife, (the Place du Capitole, the Place Wilson) available in the city.

Use a hired car to descover that Toulouse has an abundance of foreign restaurants, such as bodegas with tapas and sangria (the Flamenco-Bodega, the Bodega, el Paseo, the Tantina de Burgos) for those of you that like Spanish food. There are Italian restaurants (Pastasciutta, Pizzeria Vecchio, Carpaccio); German restaurants with sauerkraut at the Taverne Bavaroise; and salmon, Scandinavian style, at the Pink Fish. You may want to try American restaurants such as the Memorial Rock Café or the Jim Mac Mahon with Mexican cooking and the all-American hamburger. There are plenty of Mexican and Latin-American restaurants such as: the Barrio Latino, the Maximo Café, and the Texas Café. Some of these restaurants provide dancing to Cuban music at places like the Puerto Habana. If you're interested in something exotic, try the Australian restaurant, Café Rex where you can eat Australian kangaroo. Perhaps you'd like to have some Chinese or Vietnamese food (the A Dong, the Diamant). And, Japanese cooking is available at the Japoyaki.

You can get seafood at the famous Brasserie des Beaux-Arts, a great example of the Belle Epoque (Edwardian Age) Age. Or perhaps you would like to go to the banks of the Garonne where you will find the Criée or the Table aux fruits de mer, and the Carré Vert, on the boulevards. Instead of vegetarian, you may want to try meat: There is the Grillée, the Os à Moëlle, or quite simply the restaurant belonging to the Hippopotamus chain.

Specialized menus and tastes are provided at some of the restaurants like The Mille et une Pâtes which mainly serves pasta or the Bar des Glaces which mainly serves kebabs. You eat with your fingers at the Picotin Bioasis and Saveur Bio offers healthy and natural products for the health-minded person.

Of course we can't forget French cuisine! Toulouse offers the possibility of tasting culinary specialities from France's various regions: the esoteric specialities from the Aveyron region at the Aubrac Corsican, and there is the Atmosphère. And you'll find the unique tastes of the Provence at the Saint-Tropez.

The neighbouring departement of Gers is an area where duck and geese are raised. Toulouse is the inheritor of such specialities as foie gras, gassoulet, a wonderful Toulouse sausage, and duck cutlets. This food is rich in fat and taste and not for the faint of heart, but what a wonderful taste and a delightful cuisine, especially when accompanied with great wines from neighbouring regions of the Tarn and Bordeaux.

The center of Toulouse is home to some very fine and interesting restaurants such as: the Jardins de l'Opéra, the home to celebrities visiting Toulouse found dining, and the Bibent which is decorated like a pub. Restaurants like The picturesque Place Saint-Georges, Emile, the Capoul, the Pyrénéen, the Restaurant Eau de Folles and the Armagnac are all restaurants to try. Again, in the town centre, the Jardins d'Alice in the pretty little Rue Croix-Baragnon, the 7 Place Saint-Sernin next to the Saint-Sernin basilica, and the Bon Bec near the concert hall at the Halle aux Grains will all worth your investigation. Interestingly enough, there are the restaurants on the barges that are located on the Midi Canal such as: the Belle Chaurienne and the Occitania. You may want to visit the Cave au Cassoulet or the Grand Angle for an ambience that's a bit out of the ordinary. As you can see, Toulouse has plenty of restaurants for evey taste and style of eating and makes it a great city to round out your vacation with gastronomic delights.

If eating out is your passion then hire a car and tour the area and you will find food prepared just the way you like it, alternatively if you are more adventurous you can find cuisine from all over the World to give you new gastronomic experiences.


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