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The Capitol in Toulouse is situated in the center of the city and if you travel in your car out from the center it is easy to see how Toulouse is a dynamic city with everything located here. Notice how you will find the past and present, the busy and the quiet, the calm of parks, the hustle and bustle of the buildings and traffic. Called the Ville Rose, or the Pink City, it contains buildings of beautiful facades and the Capitole, or capitol, is one of the more beautiful of them. Amazingly, there is a market in its square where you can find produce. But there are also cafes where you can while away the hours, observing the business of the city around you. As in many European cities, it has fountains, squares, museums and churches which give it a link to the past as well as an appreciation for the present.
If you want nightlife, take your hire car and try the area of Arnaud-Bernard. It is near the university, a sports arena, and shops. You can reach the Canal du Midi, the Jardin Compans-Caffarelli and if you go further west you will reach the areas of Saint-Pierre and Amidonniers. From there continue on to the Garonne where there is the Saint-Sernin basilica. You'll find a wonderful flea market and shops and of course, the all important cafes. Hire a car and visit The basilica is in an area of old buildings such as the Notre-Dame-du-Taur church,where you can be a part of history. Once again, Toulouse will provide the unexpected by continuing on to Place Wilson which has the present feel of modern boulevards. As you continue your way of Saint-Sernin, you'll find wonderful old houses, representative of the quiet wealth

Further northwest of Arnaud-Bernard is Pont-Jumeaux and Sept-Deniers, a residential area near the mouth of the Garonne and the Canal du Midi. Matabiau is a busy area where the main railway station is located and the many shops that serve the area.

Hire a car and go to a rather unique area is the area of Saint-Aubin. It is considered a village, contained within a city. The people here love their village and have a festival to celebrate this village every fall.
Saint Etienne is noted for its spectacular cathederal. This area is also home of the Haute-Garonne War Memorial, the Corn Exchange and many beautiful parks which make it one of the greenest areas in the city.

If you go by car and travel towards the east you come to a place where the Observatoire de Jolimont and the Science and Environment Centre are located. Further south-east is the Cite de l'Espace, or the space city, and the Montaudran airfield.

If you are interested in antique stores and quaint shops, you'll want to go to the area les Carmes. It is a very old area near the Capitole. From here it is an easy step to go on to the Garonne. Student areas are always interesting and the Saint-Michel and Rangueil is a university area which is colorful and bustling. You won't want to miss the Chateau Bellevue, a beautiful place that combines the old and new. You'll find art centres, museums such as: Espace d'Art modern et contemporain, the arts center for postcards and graphic arts and the Espace Saint-Cyprien. And in the middle of Toulouse is the Pont Neuf which overlooks the Garonne and the Jardin Raymond IV from Hotel-Dieru Saint-Jacques. There is an industrial area, Casselardit and St-Martin-du-Touch. This is an area that has housing, parks and the Ramee sports and recreation park. As you can see Toulouse is a city of many areas, for many interests. Whatever type of car you hire, you can enjoy the many and varied attractions that Toulouse and the surrounding area has to offer.


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