Car Hire In France

Car hire in France
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-Cancellation protection
-Fully inclusive rates
-No Hidden Extras
-All new cars
-Cancellation insurance policy
-Full breakdown assistance
- Reduced excess option
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hire a car in France
Car hire in France

Car hire in France
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When you are driving your hire car into Toulouse, there are some common sense precautions worth considering. As with any large city, Toulouse has its share of problems with drugs, urban violence and theft. However In Toulouse there is a strong police presence, and the police are very visible on the streets.

Having parked your hire care (see our Parking page) in the summer, the crowded streets have a particular problem with pickpockets, at bus stops and subways. So in the city centre pay particular attention in or around Matabiau station and the markets, (St.-Sernin on Sunday) some shops, and to the terraces of the bars.

At night, if you have driven you hired vehicle into the city centre, be particularly careful around the Capitol and the Esquirol places and the banks of the River Garonne.

The hotels around the Matabiau station area (were the cheaper hotels are mostly found). The area looks fine during the day but at night there can be some vice problems in the area and it might be best avoided.

If you have left you hired car and are on foot remember to keep your wallet or purse on you at all times Another great suggestion would be to keep photocopies of your passport and credit cards stapled to the inside of your suitcase back at the hotel. In case you are robbed or just lose these it makes replacing them faster and easier.
Check maps, tourist information or ask directions while at the car hire counter or rental location.
Its dangerous to read maps while driving, and can indicate you're not familiar with the area.

Watch your luggage at all times and keep your bags with you at all times.

Do not leave your luggage on the bus when you arrive at a car hire location.

Know your cars safety equipment, such as spare tire, seat belts, door locks, wind shield wipers, hazard lights and spare tire, including jack equipment.

Make sure the petrol tank is full.

Do not stop if another motorist tells you there is something wrong with your car or bumps you from behind. It can be a trick to commit a crime. Go to the nearest petrol station or well lit public area and call the police.

Police lights are red and blue, do not stop for flashing white lights or other colour lights.

When stopping for a stoplight, leave enough room in front of you to move out incase you must pull away quickly.

Keep your doors locked and your windows rolled up at all times, even when stopped.

Be aware of pedestrians near your car.

Always wear your seat belt. Its the law and may save your life incase of an accident.

Keep valuables out of sight, in the trunk or glove compartment.

If you use an automated teller machine (ATM) do so at a well lit unobstructed place.

Do not count your money on the street.

Do NOT pick up hitchhikers

Car Emergencies
If you have an accident, call the police first.

Second, call your Hire company at the location from which you hired your car.

If you have a breakdown, call the number on your hire agreement for breakdown service or call the place from which you hired your car.

If you have a cellular phone, in France call 911. The emergency number may be different in other countries, check before you leave the rental location.

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