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France vehicle rental and France airport auto hire .
- FAQ'S-

Advice when collecting your car.
Thoroughly check for any damage when you collect the vehicle and report it to the office before leaving the pickup point.
Upon return, insist on the car being checked whilst you are present. This will avoid mistakes ever happening, always take a name and/or get a signature on your rental agreement.

All damage should be noted on your rental agreement if it is not YOU could be held accountable at the end of the rental. Two minutes at the start of any rental will prevent this from happening.

Car hire in France
car hire in France is a booking agent for UK Car Rental Limited - offering cheap reliable discounted car hire throughout France with a dedicated backup team to help and advise should you have any problems what so ever, Tel: 0870 400 0099

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Q. Can I reduce the damage excess?
A. Yes, called Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), this is a daily charge paid to reduce your liability should any accidental damage happen. CDW is usually paid at the desk when you collect the car.

Q. Is there a charge extra for mileage.
A. No, cars hire is provided with unlimited mileage.

Q. What paperwork do I need when I collect my car?
A. You will need your credit card, driving licence and 2 forms of idetification (one with a photograph, i.e your passport). You must also have the voucher we send you as this MUST be signed by the credit card holder and then exchanged for your rental car.

Q. What is one way rental?
A. One way rental is where you collect your car at one location and returned it to a different one. It is possible to collect in fancand drop it off in another country ( i.e Spain). Please note there may be restrictions on one way rentals in certain countries and details should be checked at the time of booking. Please call 0870 400 0099 to book a one way rental.

Q. Does a One Way rental cost extra?
A. Yes, there usually is a small charge for one way rentals. The charge is greater if you are going one way from country to country. It is not possible to go one way from the U.K. and drop in another country.

Q. Does insurance cost extra?
A. No, insurance is included in your rental charge, but there may be a damage excess/deductable. For the option of zero excess in the UK please contact us on 0870 400 0099.

Q. What is a damage excess?
A. The amount of money you are responsible for if you damage the car.

Q. Can I pay with a payment card or debit card?
A. Yes, you can use a payment card such as Delta but only for the booking and paying for the rental. When collecting your car, the rental office will not accept debit cards to cover the deposit, and this must be done with a Visa, Mastercard or Amex credit card in the name of the renter.

Q. If my flight is late at the airport will the staff wait?
A. Yes, providing that you have given us a valid flight number and that your flight is confirmed to still be arriving. If your flight arrives after the normal closing time of the rental office, you would have to collect your car on the following day.

Q. Will the car have a full tank of fuel?.
A. Yes. Usually the tank is full and you should return the car with a full tank. If the tank is not returned full and has not been "prepaid" at the start of the rental, then the local office will charge your credit card for the fuel used at the rate displayed in the local office.

Q. Is there a minimum/maximum drivers age?A. The minium driver age is 21, ther is no upper limit but the rental company reserves the right to refuse to rent to a person they feel is unable to cope with the vehicle or driving conditions in France

Q. Do you charge for extra drivers?
A. Yes, there is usually a charge for an extra driver unless you are renting on the "Gold Rate" which currently is only offered in the USA. Additional drivers may be added upon collection and must be present along with a full valid driving licence and be of suitable age.

Q. What happens if I have a puncture? Do I pay for the new tyre?
A. Yes, If you have a puncture when you are in charge of the vehicle the rental company will charge you for the repair.

Q. Can I use an international driving permit?
A. Yes, but only if accompanied by a valid licence from your country of residence (the international driving licence must have an English translation).

Q. I am under 25 what is the largest car I may rent.
A. If you are under 25 you are limited to A, B, C, D saloons, U group medium estates and the small automatics AA, & W groups.

Q. Can I drive on my USA (or foreign driving licence)

A. Yes provided you have not been in residence in the France for more than 12 months (after 12 months the law states you must exchange your licence for a Local licence.) More information on these is available at

Q. Do you hire cars have a CD player
A. Most hire cars from the "C" group and upwards are fitted with a CD Player as standard but this cannot be guaranteed

Q.Secure server?
A. The initial page is unsecure to enable a fast speed for loading the page. When credit card details etc. are submitted, this is via a secure server, your browser will alert you to this.

Definitions and Aditional information

Your rental vehicle will always be/have;

Less than 3 months old and will have done fewer than 14,000 miles
Unlimited mileage for the duration of your car rental.
Cleaned, prepared and service checked with a full tank of fuel.
Fully covered with 24hr breakdown assistance and replacement.
Comprehensive insurance with reducible damage excess liability option with all rentals
The possibility for a zero excess option
Young driver options from 21 years
One Day One Way rentals to and from all major towns cities and airports options.

Vehicle range is from:-
Economy car hire, compact car hire and full saloon car hire, manual car rentals and automatics car rentals
Small and large Estate cars (Stationwagons)
Small and large MPV (multiuse people carriers) usually automatic transmission.
Large luxury car hire and executive saloons in the Mercedes, Omega and Lexus range.

Airport Surcharge:- Included in our rental prices
At most airports (and in some other premium locations like ferry ports) the car hire companies have to pay the airport an additional fee to use the airport facilities. In many locations this fee is passed on to the customer and must be paid in local currency.
Unlike many suppliers we include the airport/Premium location fees in all our rental in accordance with "NO HIDDEN EXTRAS POLICY"

Collection Time
The time when you collect your vehicle will be shown on your rental voucher
Return Time
This is the time when you return your vehicle must be returned (unless extended by prior arrangement.) Car hire companies charge for periods of 24 hours. If you return your vehicle later than 59 minutes after your scheduled drop off time, you will be charged for an extra day at the rate payable at the depot (not our negotiated rates).
Rental Day
Each 24 Hr period, which starts at the time you are due to collect your vehicle.

Damage Waiver or "super Cover"
We are one of the few companies which offer the opportunity to take "Supercover" This is an additional insurance cover which removes all liability of the damage excess or deductible (as long as it does not involve malicious damage (by the renter) or alcohol consumption which invalidates all insurance policies)

(International Drivers Permit) - One of these may be required in addition to your national drivers licence when driving abroad. More information on these is available at

Damage Excess or (Deductible)
There is a figure listed on the our website for an excess amount, this is the maximum liability you will be held accountable for in cases of loss or severe damage caused in an accident (as long as it does not involve malicious damage (by the renter) or alcohol consumption which invalidates all insurance policies)

Rental Duration
The total number of rental days

Third Party
A person or persons other than the Insured

Third Party Insurance
Protects the driver against a claim made by another person in the event of any damage or injury. This is charge is included within the rental fee.

Loss Damage Waiver - (LDW) / Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
Included within the rental fee unless otherwise stated and protects the Driver from any claim (minus the excess amount) in the event of any damage occurring to the rental vehicle.

Van Hire and Minibus Rental additions

Carriage of goods
he driver of all rental vans must ensure that the vehicle is loaded safely and securely.
It is the renters resposibility that vans are not overloaded.
Commercial vehicle sare subject to roadside checks by the Ministry of Transport
Extra precautions must be taken with the vehicle after loading, making sure all door are safely secured and that loads will not move during transit and cause a danger to other road users.

Driving licence requirements
UK drivers who passed their ordinary car driving test prior to 1 January 1997 will normally have been issued an old style UK Driving Licence showing vehicles of Group A or a new style EC Driving Licence showing vehicles of Categories B, C1 and D1. Drivers who passed their ordinary driving test after 1 January 1997 are only issued a Driving Licence showing vehicles of Category B (up to 8 passenger seats); Categories C1 and D1 are no longer issued automatically

Passanger carrying vehicles (including minibuses)
Driving Licence Category D (9 or more passenger seats) or Category D1 (9 to 16 passenger seats). All drivers of minibuses (9-16 passenger seats) are required to hold a valid driving licence showing either Group A on an old style UK Licence or Category B & D or D1 on a new EC style Licence issued in any EU Country. Drivers who passed the car test (Category B) after 1 January 1997 and who wish to drive a minibus are requi#990000 to take a further Statutory Driving test for vehicles in Category D or D1. A further Driving Test may be required to tow a trailer (Category E). However; certain drivers who passed the car test (Category B) after 1 January 1997 are permitted to drive a vehicle in Category D1 (minibuses) without the need for a further test so long as the following conditions are met:-

  • A full driving licence has been held for at least two years
  • The driver receives no payment (or any other consideration) other than out of pocket expenses (i.e they are a volunteer)
  • The vehicle is driven for social purposes only
  • There is no trailer attached
  • The maximum authorised mass (mam) of the vehicle does not exceed 3.5 tonnes, or if fitted with specialised equipment used for disabled passengers, does not exceed 4.25 tonnes.

    Driver ages
    Minibuses from 25yrs to 75yrs
    Panel Vans 21yrs to 75yrs (some suppliers may restrict young driver to 23yrs)

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